Formed in 2013 around Geneva, Versus is a Brutal Hardcore Punk band composed of musicians from various musical backgrounds that have one thing in common: the love for savage music. As their name suggests, their music and lyrics revolve around the concept of duality and confrontation. Versus oppose hardcore screams and death metal growls, punk and extreme metal riffs, d-beat and blast beat…

Even though their influences are very diverse, ranging from punk rock to the most brutal forms of metal, the US hardcore productions, notably Deathwish, are certainly a great inspiration for them today.

After a first EP released in 2015, a lot of gigs around the Geneva scene and several line-up changes, Versus are eager to present you their first album : Endless Duality!




Marche Funèbre signs to Necktwister for booking support and to release “Death and Loss” LP!