Temptations for the weak was founded in 2011. With their debut album Spoken Silence in the bag, they shred Belgian stages all over the country. This band grows an excellent live reputation.

After a drummer change in 2012, the recordings of Black Vision started, of which the single “Underneath the skin” was released in 2014 accompanied by a music video. The single serves as the entry for the Redbull bedroomjam.
After an intense battle, the band wins a place on the coveted Graspop line-up for the 2014 edition of the festival through this competition.

On the Graspop website the band is described as follows, we quote: “Put the best of Machine head, Killswitch Engage and Trivium in a blender and you get the ruthless, raging metalcore of this band from Antwerp.”

In September 2015, after a guitarist change, “Black Vision” is released digitally, a month later the physical release follows. The band will visit various stages in Flanders with this album and will be the cause of many wall of deaths and headbanging.

In 2017 a self-titled EP will be recorded. For this, the band teams up with Tommie Bonajo from Tomster Studios. A conscious choice for a full and powerful sound.

To emphasize all this even more, the song “Saviour” is released as a music video, for which there is collaboration with Hans D. Hans has also recorded video clips for Diablo Blvd, among others. Shortly after these recordings, a bass change is announced.

In the summer of 2019, Jadran B. joined the band as a frontman and he can immediately prove himself by providing the new songs with vocals. The result of this will be heard on the new full CD “Fallen from the stars” which will be released in 2022 by Necktwister.

To put Belgian bands on the map during the entire corona crisis, Jadran decided to put together an all Belgian band playlist on Spotify, an initiative that was enthusiastically received by all bands.

Corona was a sour pill to swallow for every band, musician and organizer. But we are more or less getting back to normal.

And Tempations for the weak will be there with even more energy, enthusiasm and power, armed with a new record. They are ready , are you ?




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