Spectral Damnation is a Black Metal bband from Belgium (Charleroi) founded in 2015 on the ashes of Mystica (Melodic Death Metal) by Arachnid Saar (Lead guitars – Hybrid Viscery), Yohann Thibaut (Drums – Cryptogenic, Feed Them Lies), Jon (Guitar – Blow Up), Michael (Bass – Blow Up) and Jeff (Vocals – Metrydia). In 2018, the band releases “Out of Control”, a 4-track Melodic Black Metal EP, plays its first gigs and shares great line-ups (No Return, Sekhmet, Zardens, Mercyless). The year comes to a tragic end with a car accident that leaves wounds and puts the band’s activities on hold.

New Era

In 2019, Arachnid Saar (Lead guitar) searched for musicians to revive the project. Most of the actual line-up was discovered quickly. Tsebaoth (Guitars – ex-Enthroned) and GÆTN (Vocals – ex-Desakralised) join the project and the music of Spectral Damnation evolves. Their Black Metal is less accessible. The sound gets darker with more violence, suffocating blast beats and occult screams if varying black and death metal. The first tracks leave melodic touches behind to bring more incisive riffs and other solos.

In that lapse of time, line-up keeps blurry. The band finds its bass player (ArkhonNaked Evil) but moves forward without a “full-time” drummer as all auditions are disappointing. Spectral Damnation is intractable in terms of intensity of drumming for its music.

April 2022 – the band enters the Blackout Studio (Brussels) under the direction of Déhà (Opus Magnum Studio) for the recording, mixing, and mastering of 9 tracks of blasty, blackened death metal, blasty with few melodics times. Drums are played by human machine Ahephaïm (Sabathan, Humanitas Error Est), who joins the band as drummer.

2023 starts with a deal with bright Belgian extreme label Necktwister to release the first album of the band that bear the cursed name of Extra Æcclesiam.




Manifest = SOLD OUT!