Alain De Block (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals)
Leander Karageorgos (rhythm guitar, lead guitar)
Jeroen Bonne (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Jef Boons (drums)
Tom Lenaerts (vocals)


Poseydon is a Belgian death/thrash metal band, founded in 1992 by Alain de Block.

Quickly after it’s formation, the band created its own songs to play them live, as well as covers from bands like Slayer and Sepultura.

The band took a few years to gestate but in 1995 the first recording took place.
A single ‘Thief of Dreams’ was recorded in the legendary Midas Studios and got released by Tessa Records in 1995 as part of a metal-compilation album ‘Detonation II”. This track showcased the bands ability to write dynamic songs and not to be afraid to include calm, almost tranquil elements, only to enforce the heavy hitting sequences even more. The band received great critiques for this first release, gathering the attention of the Belgian metal-scene.
This brought a lot more possibilities to the band, which meant playing a lot of live gigs and recording & release of the 4-track EP ‘With Tears In My Eyes’ in 1998. Again recorded in Midas Studios, the EP contains four fierce thrashing pieces of metal, which proved the band was growing and moving upwards in the Belgian metal-scene.

Although the band had gained momentum, the march of Poseydon was put to a halt… as Poseydon ceased to exist. Through the leaving of its frontman, Alain de Block decided to put Poseydon on hold.

But as the saying goes: blood is thicker than water! After a few years the aching started to arise to reboot Poseydon which lead to the reformation in 2007. Founding member Alain de Block & former guitarist Ward van Iseghem got together and started to reclaim the God of the sea. After a few years of rehearsing and looking for the right bandmembers, the band recorded its first full album titled ‘Cold World’ in 2011.
Although the album comprised mostly older unreleased work, it was a death-metal metal release in contrast to it earlier death/thrash releases. To support the album, Poseydon played everywhere as it could through the Flemish part of Belgium.

Unfortunately some line-up changes slowed the progress towards a new recording, but patience is a virtue!

After recording and mixing the songs without any pressure, Poseydon’s latest album ‘Masterpiece (in the mind of a serial killer)’, or ‘Masterpiece’ in short, was released in the beginning of September 2016.

Now, 7 years later the God of the Sea emerges with a new album entitled ‘Through The Gate Of Hatred And Aversion. This time they went to Project Zero studios where  Yarne Heylen (Carnation) recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks.

Since its first incarnation, the goal of Poseydon was, is and always will be to play energetic live-shows.



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