Malevolent is the brainchild of Belgium/French, experienced composer/musician, Nikolaas Van Riet (44). Trying to merge the early days of symphonic and gothic metal, which were the sounds he grew up with, with a new modern, heavily cinematic inspired sound that is pleasing a
younger generation. Nikolaas used to be the singer & composer and guitar player in melodic metal band Keltgar (Uxicon records).

Lead singer Celica Soldream is an very experienced Spanish vocalist with a Celtic inspired sound, with eastern influences. She is the voice behind the popular Celtic/Medieval vocal libraries ERA II CELTIA and HEROICA. Celica can also be heard on World of Warcraft Warbringers: Azshara and Disney’s trailer of ‘Beauty and the beast’. She is also teaching at a music academy in Madrid.

The combination of these two musical minds, backed by prof studio musicians and a top notch producer, that understands the intricacies of symphonic metal, is the magic formula behind Malevolent. The lyrics and theme of the first EP evolve around a post apocalyptic malevolent

Involved musicians

Koen Herfst (drums): Maybe Koen does not need an introduction. He was worked with so many bands (Epica, Vanderberg, Jordan Rudess, Armin van Buuren) and was voted as the best hardrock/metal drummer of the BeNeLux 7 years in row!!

Jan Verschueren (lead guitars): Jan is an extremely experienced guitar player. He is known for his work with bands like Excess of Cruelty, Karmakill, Toner, Hangarhead, and many more…

Joost Van den Broek (producer and mixing engineer): Maybe Joost does not need an introduction either. Joost is the miracle producer behind bands like Powerwolf, Epica and Ayreon.

Mark Jansen (guest vocals): Hopefully we don’t need to introduce this man. Mark is the singer, guitar player and composer in the band Epica.




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