1989: The Beginning

The end of 1989, Exoto leaves the womb to create aggressive, fast and technical Death Metal. After the first demo “And Then You Die “ (January 1991, ‘Demo of the Month in the Aardschok/Metal Hammer’), the second demo “The Fifth Season” (January 1992, ‘Demo of the Month in “Aardschok/Metal Hammer’) and the EP “Ashes…” Exoto sings a record-deal with Tessa Records. Meanwhile Exoto conquers the Benelux by slaying the stage with bands like Morbid Angel, Loudblast,
Annihilator, Malevolent Creation, Benediction, Massacra, Massacre, Grave, Loudblast, Gorefest,…

April 1994, Tessa Records releases the debut-CD “Carnival of Souls” which sold out in less than 1 week with 1.000 copies. In a hurry a second press of 1.000 copies was made to provide also foreign countries. Exoto gets airplay almost weekly at the Belgian national radio ‘Studio Brussel’, the local TV-station ‘RTV’ discovers Exoto and they play on Graspop (which later becomes the well known GMM). But not everything went that well, just a few days before the release of “CoS”, former-drummer Didier dies in a car-crash. Because Didier would have wanted it, the other members decide to go on and slowly the band recovers which results in a new recorddeal with ‘Black Mark’ (3 CD’s in 5 years). At the end of 1995 the successor is born, “A Thousand Dreams Ago” is distributed worldwide but despite this and some other positive perspectives (European tour, videoclip, etc.) Exoto suddenly quits in 1996 …

2016… The Reïncarnation

The end of 2012, Exoto decides, out of nowhere, to do some reuniongigs! Despite a great succes the final curtain falls after the farewell gig in March 2014. To ‘end in style’, they record early 2014 a kind of best off CD “Beyond the Depths of Hate” (which was originally not intended to get released). Because of the growing national & international interest frontman Chris is determined to give Exoto a second life. After consulting the other ex-members, he’s forced to search 4 new members.

At the end of August 2016, on Facebook, the new Exoto line-up is announced. And in December 2016, the reincarnation takes place in a sold-out Rock Kelder in Balen Belgium, Exoto is back! In the meantime, the re-releases continue but also new songs are getting their final shape. On the 4th of May 2019, Dead By Dawn Records releases the EP CD “Absolution in Death“, the New Exoto is back and ‚AiD’ goes on where’ CoS’ ended!

After a hectic 2019 with lots of national and international gigs, Exoto is writing new stuff to release a full CD. Due to a lineup change and the COVID-19 shit, the recording and release is postponed to 2022.

At the end of 2021 Exoto becomes part of the Necktwister family for booking support.
Stay tuned for more!