Michaël (vocals)
Niels (guitar)
Stijn (guitar)
Dimi (bass)
Pieter (drums)


Consisting out of young, yet experienced members from the city of Ghent (Belgium), Deadlines is a Metalcore concept made up of five like-minded musicians with similar musical taste.

Deadlines brings their own blend of melodic metalcore. Influenced by all the greats of the earth within the genre, but showing a strong own identity, they are a force to be reckoned with. The band is portraying a wide array of musical influences and a huge amount of emotions in their music.

They released one EP in the midst of the covid-crisis in september 2020, called “Human Error”, before signing to Necktwister in 2021.

In a burning world from misery it can be difficult to find the good within. Deadlines is an outlet for all strangeness and inner rage.. Against the craving for power, violence and wealth that flows inside us the guys from Deadlines raise their voices, will you scream along?
Inhale the truth!

Driven by raw emotion, combined with excellent technical skills, this band is ready to blow your socks off.




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Necktwister agrees to release AxamentA’s “Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture” on vinyl and new material “Spires”!