When Plagues Collide signs to Necktwister for booking support
and to release Tutor Of The Dying LP!

Necktwister proudly adds When Plagues Collide to its booking roster
and agrees to release Tutor Of The Dying (2018) as a limited LP pressing.

When Plagues Collide is a Symphonic Deathcore/Death metal band, founded in 2016.
They play a style of deathcore that is heavily influenced by melodic death metal, symphonic black metal and metalcore.
The riffing is hard, the drumming is very fast-paced and the vocalist frequently switches from low death growls to high-pitched screams, with occasional pig squeals.

Tutor Of The Dying has been independently released digitally and on cd only in 2018, gaining its share of attention across media worldwide. Necktwister will cooperate closely with the band transferring it to a quality vinyl release.

The album will get a limited pressing in 3 different variants!

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