Necktwister welcomes Temptations For The Weak for new album release!

Necktwister is stoked to announce the signing of Belgian thrash metalcore monster Temptations For The Weak!

Temptations For The Weak generates a modern blend of the best in Thrash metal and metalcore. A brutal and dynamic package of heavy riffing and moshable grooves, topped with melodic and aggressive vocals. You can clearly hear the influences from bands like Machine Head, Trivium, Sylosis, Killswitch Engage and more, but the band never looses track of its own identity!

Their efforts haven’t been unnoticed, and the band is keen to keep growing and spreading their message. After playing Graspop a while ago, the band will destroy the stages of Alcatraz Metal Fest, Summer Breeze and more in 2022. Make sure to check them out live when you can!

The band joins forces with Necktwister to release their new album “Fallen From The Stars” in the summer of ’22.

FFO: Machine Head, Trivium, Sylosis, Killswitch Engage,..

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