Welcome to the official Necktwister website!

Necktwister injects new possibilities into the (Belgian) metal scene since May 27, 2021.
As a new Artist Growth Agency, Necktwister wants to support artists in their growth and help flush away their Corona-hangover.
Necktwister will offer a wide range of services to metal artists, giving them the possibility to grow and develop themselves in a world battered by the coronavirus.

Now that our cultural landscape can use a boost, two fanatic metal lovers want to launch an agency that helps metal bands grow…
How? By offering services to bands to initiate, support and continue that growth.
Necktwister will function as a music label, distributor, artist service provider, artist coach/manager, event promotor, booking agent and more.

Find more information about Necktwister all around this website. Enjoy your stay!