Necktwister signs Fractured Insanity for LP release of Massive Human Failure!

Necktwister is thrilled to announce the addition of Belgian Death metal heroes Fractured Insanity to the family.

Fractured Insanity plays brutal death metal of the heaviest sort, drawing inspiration from genre giants like Suffocation, Behemoth Decapitated, Hate Eternal and Krisiun. With “Man Made Hell”, they forged a sound that also incorporates influences from black metal, Polish and old school death metal crunching out a groovier sound that has lost none of its brutality. For this, they returned to the Hertz Studio who also recorded, mixed and mastered “Mass Awakeless”; and this successful collaboration has continued for the production of their full-length release “Massive Human Failure”.

Lyrically, Fractured Insanity proclaim the fall of mankind in all possible ways: war, financial troubles, historical miasma’s, corruption and world issues are all woven into songs of brutality that display musical prowess and technicality.

The band joins forces with Necktwister to release a limited edition LP of “Massive Human Failure” that was released digitally and on CD by Massacre Records in 2020!

It will get a limited pressing, so keep your eyes open to preorder yours!

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