Marche Funèbre signs to Necktwister for booking support and to release “Death and Loss” LP!

Necktwister proudly adds Belgian doom bringers Marche Funèbre to its booking roster and will release “Death and Loss” as a limited LP pressing.

Marche Funèbre is a Belgian Doom/death metal band, founded in 2008.
The band writes and plays in the spirit of the old Peaceville Three: Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost.
During their 13 year lifespan, they have distinguished their own sound, and were able to share this across the entire world.

This “Death and Loss” LP release will be a compilation of 2 previous EP releases, one being an absolute premiere on Vinyl. It will include the band two most brutal releases: “Lost” (2015) and “Death Wish Woman” (2018).

The LP will get a limited pressing in 2 different variants!

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