Carnal Desecration joins Necktwister for booking support and new album release!

Necktwister is thrilled to announce the addition of Belgian death metal masters Carnal Desecration to the family!

Carnal Desecration is a death metal band hailing from Antwerp, Belgium with former members of Belgium’s finest underground bands. With over twenty years of experience these guys know how to play death metal the right way!

The band delivers a mixture of aggression, neck breaking riffs and haunting melodies. Combining the best of the filthy worlds of death, black and thrash metal, you know what you are in for! Prepare to be desecrated!

After releasing a 3-song EP in 2020, Carnal Desecration now joins forces with Necktwister to release their new album “Sacrificial Death” in the second half of ’22.

Preorders are up on the Necktwister website as we speak.

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