NECKTWISTER AGENCY is an independent record label, artist services & booking agency that wants to provide a platform for bands to grow, be it independent or through releasing with us.

We offer a wide variety of services in an attempt to be a one stop shop for all artist needs. With these services we focus on artists in the metal genre and its subs.

An important part of our vision is our philosophy to GROW TOGETHER.

We want to put our artists first an give them the opportunity to grow with our organisation, get new chances and even more support as we grow along.

We want to grow and create together and are open to those who share the same vision.


We want to keep a neutral stance in political, religious or cultural discussions, but do however condemn all extremism.

We believe in respecting each other and our environment, but agree on having philosophical, healthy and open conversations about all things existential.

We believe in the power of music.